About Us

Hello there! Thanks for visiting us at earthikes. So now you’re here, you’d probably like to know who we are and what the big idea is. Please give us a few minutes of your valuable time and we’ll explain.

We think we’re probably a bit like you. We love nature and the great outdoors and we prefer exploring it on foot. We’re pretty clear what makes a wonderful walking trail and what makes for a rewarding expedition; we appreciate the value of a little local knowledge and we are always keen to share our hiking experiences with likeminded individuals.  And, we’ve been looking around, and we think that hikers and trekkers, walkers and trampers, ramblers and backpackers, call us what you will, deserve to be better served online.

We also think that we probably share some of the same concerns that you have too. We worry about the impacts of our personal trekking activities on local environmental, social and economic resources and also the wider impact of the global hiking community. We would like to have a net positive impact and be able to put a little bit back. Exploring earth while off the beaten path can bring us great satisfaction and grant us great privileges, but wouldn’t it be nice to share some of that positivity? Wouldn’t it be good if the earth could actually benefit from our hikes? Isn’t it time for earthikes?

You’ll be interested to know that earthikes is a family run business with over 20 years’ experience in the field of environmental and sustainability consulting. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we have had the privilege of walking through some of the world’s finest regions; from trekking in Nepal to mountaineering in Peru, from camel trekking the Sahara to climbing active volcanoes in Chile and from sweating our way through the Amazon jungle to bushwalking with overfriendly flies in the Australian Outback – we’ve tried it all!

We are passionate about protecting the environment, working towards sustainability and of course plenty of good hiking and now we are channelling our enthusiasm, energy, skills and experience into earthikes. We hope you’ll be able to help us along the way.

We are working hard to develop earthikes to directly empower the hiking, trekking and walking community. We have developed the concept while ensuring we keep sustainability at the core of everything we do; we think you’ll like our approach and what the website, once complete, can offer you. Using earthikes, you’ll be able to:

  1. Find the right trail for you based on a range of personal selection criteria or preferences. If you only like high altitude alpine treks, have an ambition to complete a two week hike or simply love walking in the Alps in spring, earthikes will provide you with a tailored shortlist of options to consider.
  2. Read about earthikes sponsored local sustainability projects relating to environmental, social or economic resources in a range of global locations. Check on the progress of projects that earthikes users have helped invest in and consider schemes that you may which to volunteer for or pay a visit.
  3. Seek out trekking buddies and team up for a big adventure or form volunteering groups to participate in earthikes local sustainability projects. Join the earthikes community and share trekking, hiking and walking experiences via discussions and multi-media such as videos, photos and trail diaries.
  4. Engage the right trekking guide or agency to support you on your expedition. Enjoy the added value and safety that local knowledge brings and benefit from a direct link to local guides who have signed up to the earthikes code of conduct. Have comfort in an earthikes rating for your preferred guide.
  5. Evaluate your expedition for the benefit of the wider community. Rate the completed trail and possibly your guide according to a set of structured criteria; reduce the risk of a disappointing experience for other hikers while providing the industry with a forum for demonstrating the quality and value of its service.

Thanks for reading about us, hopefully you know where we’re coming from. Now, why not become part of the journey and join earthikes ‘on the trail to sustainable trekking?’ We’d love to see you along the way.