The useful little things that go into my backpack…

Here is a compilation of various bits and bobs which I like to pack and which could also make it in your backpack (not ranked by order of importance)

  • For the ladies who are not sure how they will cope with the lack of toilets, a shewee would be a wise investment. I bought one and it has saved me on more than one occasion. It does give you more freedom, and is generally, a good little gadget to keep handy
  • You will walk for miles, and are bound to get…thirsty! A good trek is a well-prepared one. Make sure to do your research and find out if there will be water points on the way (if not, you must take enough water with you). Water points must be respected and not be polluted by human waste or any other potential pollutants from your camping activities. To purify your water quickly and efficiently, CamelBak has created this little genius which claims to purify your water in 60 seconds
  • As mentioned above, your camping activities might generate some waste. If you are washing up dishes, use a collapsible bucket to collect water from nearby water points and carry the water to the campsite which should be far enough from the water point so as not to risk polluting it. My preferred collapsible bucket (which I also use for a quick bath at the end of a long walk!) makes washing up super easy and also makes it easy to collect water to purify for your water bottles
  • To keep your skin moisturised, pack up some good quality olive oil which you can also use for cooking. Coconut oil is an excellent alternative and it can be used on your hair too, if you find the sun a bit harsh! Finally, if you like honey, bring some for your breakfast and use it as lip balm in between!

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