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Better know your essentials as you will be your own mule

Better know your essentials as you might be your own mule…

You have thought about which trek you would like to do, and now you need to figure out what you need in that backpack…assuming you have already bought the backpack! There is definitely a list of trekking essentials that you will need, will use and definitely reuse. At earthikes we always look into products before buying them to ensure that we are choosing the most sustainable, or environmental friendly items. We are sometimes left with a poor choice, and sometimes, out of necessity have to go for suppliers’ whom we would prefer not to endorse. But, we are hoping that with our work and your help, we will encourage trekking suppliers to adopt sustainability in all their processes. Patagonia® ( is a B Corp company which we will definitely encourage you to buy from as sustainability is at the top of their agenda.

When you are passionate about the outdoors, you will prefer to invest in good quality gear which will last you a long time and bear the brutal forces of nature.

At earthikes, we have walked many trails, and have compiled pages below to help you to invest in your essential equipment. Please have a look and contact us if you need any help planning your next trek, we are always happy to help!

Davina @earthikes

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