Something new for your trekking backpack (if you are joining the decaf tribe…)


‘This is now a favourite trekking food staple.’

Mornings for me do not happen without coffee. I generally pretend that it is not morning yet, ignore my alarm and hope for the best, but this type of attitude is detrimental to a self-employed person, and I am sure that those of you who are trying to get a business up and running, know exactly what I am talking about. Long gone are the days when end of month meant nice salary and glorious spending. Now, missing deadlines means no salary.

So, I digress… Coffee! Unfortunately, recently I have had to abandon my coffee habit (living in Melbourne made that really hard, since every second shop is a brilliant café) because it was having an effect on my nerves, and was causing insomnia; great combination. The cravings were so strong that I decided to find a decaf coffee to trick my brain into thinking that it was getting its usual hit. I have never liked decaf, and particularly disliked the taste – it just does not taste like coffee (despite what the packaging says!)

However, I have found a jewel in the lot and it is Republica coffee. Republica is an amazing B-Corp company with ethics which we at earthikes support wholeheartedly. So when I discovered there was a decaf version, I decided to give it a go and believe me, their stuff is delicious. It smells and tastes like what a normal coffee should and has truly brightened my working day. For all of you decaffeinated trekkers out there, this is a company to support for their high sustainability credentials and because you can easily pack your coffee granules into your backpack. For those of you who are lucky enough to still be in caffeine zone, try Republica’s coffee (ground or beans), it is in a league of its own.

Happy Monday!


If you want to buy from Republica or read more about them, here you go : Republica


‘The new ruler of our coffee world’





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